CreaTiVE AnD
Maker SPaCE
FoR ChilDren

Do Minds provides opportunities for conceptualize, creative thinking and innovation.

It's After ScHooL AcTiviTieS

Made for Makers

Workshop & Trainings

Do Minds conduct regular weekend workshops on different fields for kindling the sparks among students.

Do minds is made for you. No matter who you are, everyone has knowledge to share. So come & join our community of curious makers, innovators, teachers and lifelong learners, who love to share…

Do Minds

  • Welcome Kit
  • Priority on registrations for Workshops and Events
  • Discounts on Workshops & Summer Camps fees
  • Daily utilisation of lab space & tools with guidance
  • Mentoring for academic project  
  • Benefits on membership renewal

Why should you join
Do Minds?

  • Community spirit grows as mixed-ages interact.
  • Children interact with those they may not know.
  • Social skills & creativity are nurtured.
  • Older kids help the younger.
  • New skills are learned by both youth & adults; learning is integrated.
  • Mixed-ages are supported.
  • Staff members can share their personal talents & skills.