MaKeRshop Events

Subject: DIY Makershop
Date : 21 st April ' 21
Timings : 10 am - 2 pm
Age Group : 6 - 10 yrs
Fees : Rs. 550
Limited Seats Only

Subject: DIY Bird Feeder
Date : 22 nd April ' 21
Timings : 10 am - 2 pm
Age Group : 10+ yrs
Fees : Rs. 300
Limited Seats Only

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Workshop & Trainings

Do Minds conduct regular weekend workshops on different fields for kindling the sparks among students.

Do minds is made for you. No matter who you are, everyone has knowledge to share. So come & join our community of curious makers, innovators, teachers and lifelong learners, who love to share.

School oriented sessions

Bridging up the gap between present school syllabus and practical knowledge of subjects helps children to learn the subject better.


Filling the gap between college academia and industry. Students will have industry interaction and experience before they go to actual industry.


For more information on Do Minds Design Lab & it’s activities, workshops & training’s…


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